You should take part if


You've got a passion for creating and sharing food


You love a good excuse to get together in your community

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You want to try a new fundraising challenge

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You believe no child should die from hunger


You want to use your skills and passion to help ensure that they don't have to

Need some inspiration?

There are lots of different ways to get involved but we’ve listed some of our favourites below. If you’d like more details, email us to find out more. Don’t worry if fundraising in your community isn’t your thing, just check out how you can get involved at home or at work and make your food good in more ways than one.

Supper Club

Put your foodie flair to the test and organise a supper club in your community. Whether it’s a church hall or a private dining area find a venue, plan a special menu and invite people to try a supper club with a difference.

Find out more ideas in our Fundraising Pack


Donation on a Product

If you run a local food business, or know someone who does, ask if they’ll add a charitable donation to one of their products during September and October to donate to Love Food Give Food. Whether it’s 50p, £1 or all proceeds, turning the cost of a slice of cake or the price of a panini in to a donation is a great way to fundraise.

Get more ideas from our Fundraising Pack



Hold an event at a local café, producing and selling food and drinks specifically for the Love Food Give Food campaign. Pick foods that are easy to prepare in large quantities and offers something a bit different to the normal menu to help entice new customers!

For more details check out our Fundraising Pack

It's one of the most enjoyable ways to raise money - bringing people together to share their passion for food whilst raising money to provide for those who really need it.

– Aaliyah Jaffer, Supper Club Host
RAISED £1,000

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