Love Food Give Food is coming to a close for 2018, but if you’d like to take part in 2019, contact us to find out how.

You should take part if


You've got a passion for creating and sharing food


You love a good excuse to socialise

Fundraising heart - OFFICIAL

You want to try a new fundraising challenge

Healthy boy - OFFICIAL

You believe no child should die from hunger


You want to use your skills and passion to help ensure that they don't have to

Need some inspiration?

There are lots of different ways to get involved but we’ve listed some of our favourites below. If you’d like more details, simply sign-up to receive a free fundraising pack in the post. Don’t worry if fundraising at work isn’t your thing, just check out how you can get involved at home or in your community and make your food good in more ways than one.

Bake Off

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to make fundraising more fun! Appoint two judges and invite your colleagues to take part in your own office bake off competition. Charge participants a nominal fee to take part and double that for anyone that wants to come and watch and try out the tasty treats!

Check out our Fundraising Pack for more ideas.

Pot Luck Lunch

Get together with some of your most kitchen-capable colleagues and each prepare a dish to share with the rest of your workmates. Pick a date when there’ll be lots of people around and let everyone know in advance that their lunch is sorted for that day! Ask everyone to donate what they would have spent on lunch that day.

Get some more inspiration from our Fundraising Pack.

Foodie Raffle

Any budding chefs or bakers in your office? Ask them if they’d be willing to raffle or auction off one of their culinary creations to raise funds for Action Against Hunger.

See our Fundraising Pack for more ideas.

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The best part of the fundraising was making it social and sharing the experience with my colleagues and friends. Often fundraising can seem lonely or annoying having to ask for money - but by providing an albeit simple lunch, it got everyone together - talking about the charity and important time away from desks.

– Katharine Ross, office lunch host
£120 raised

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